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Blue smoke dpf

blue smoke dpf Sent from my SM G930F using Tapatalk The EGR valve is fairly simple when it is open exhaust gases are allowed through the EGR system to help control vehicle emissions whereas when the valve is closed exhaust gases can t pass through the EGR system. I 39 d get a mechanic to have a quick look Jan 31 2018 The majority of modern cars have something called a Diesel Particulate Filter DPF which is intended to prevent this black smoke or soot leaving the exhaust. The thing is good compression will allow the engine to burn oil cleanly in small volumes and go unnoticed out of the exhaust pipe. This means that valves or piston rings may be worn out and I currently drive a 2yr old 2. Mondeo blue smoke stevie nicks Hi all I own a 1993 mondeo 1. The M5 Tunnel really was quite a peak hour treat for those stuck behind. Even with the warmer weather this blue smoke still exists. Mar 04 2014 I get intermittent and blue smoke occasionaly I think when the aftertreatment injector Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. It would smoke blue for a while like 20 30secs at start up and randomly pour black smoke cruising on SW3. This gives better power output and lowers exhaust gas emissions. It s never a good sign and could indicate a problem with your engine so the sooner you address it the lower the risk of causing lasting damage. There is a problem how big or small I don 39 t know. I have already replaced injectors and it does not waste antifreeze freon. I 39 d do this upgrade all day. When a turbo fails from age or a lack of service often the turbo shaft seals can leak oil into the intake the vacuum of the turbocharger compressor wheel literally sucking the oil out past the turbocharger shaft seals and creating a blue smoke complaint. Blue smoke can be caused by multiple engine problems. White smoke points to some very specific conditions which can indicate a number of component or system failures. Still I would seek a second opinion on the amount of smoke emitted. The DPF warning light will appear on the dashboard. It is a 2010 with a Maxxforce engine. black smoke is untreated diesel exhaust a dpf equipped diesel should NEVER blow black smoke The black. This is because when an engine is cold it doesn 39 t burn fuel as cleanly as when the engine is hot another side effect is that the exhaust doesn 39 t get hot enough for a long enough period of time to carry out the DPF regeneration. It was a combination of switch combinations and speed limiter settings and we have the truck running really well right now. Im from finland and im having the same proplem. the easy way to check if your car has one look at the rear of the air filter box between it and the bulkhead if its got a one you will see a small sensor with a multi plug and two 8mm stainless steel pipes going to it the pipes run to the dpf and the difference in pressure between them is The manual gives the impression a regen occurs solely on a high diff pressure across the DPF quot The ECM starts the regeneration of the DPF if the soot load exceeds a performance map value. Blue grey smoke may be emitted from the exhaust pipe or the crankcase breather pipe. 000km since 16 39 February 39 s and a 46 of DPF ash. More so when just nbsp The Diesel Particulate Filter DPF is also known as a Filtre Particules FAP and some people even dealerships refer to it as CATS Catalytic Converters nbsp DPF filter is designed to trap soot particulates and as it gets full it regenerates to burn the soot Why is my diesel engine blowing blue and white smoke 7 Apr 2017 If you 39 ve ever wondered what the smoke coming from your exhaust An engine can also blow blue smoke as a result of oil leaking past the oil nbsp Part of my job is to support customers who have bought a blue Print g Scan and partially burnt oil normally seen as blue smoke is trapped in the DPF and. Now if we see a sensor that is International blue we replace it. He thinks it 39 s coming from the cylinder head and goes to check it out. Diesel fuel leaking onto truck frame wiring. I had the software update to delete the DPF from the car 39 s ECU also. I was told the white smoke is what 39 s meant to happen. Sep 24 2014 blue smoke was coming out of the exhaust but not every time one min it will do it and the other min it will not. 0d Sport Premium with 96k on the clock. Classic Saab 9 5 1997 2009 DPF Removed smoking issues and EGR problem maybe Jump to Latest Follow Blue smoke is a very bad indicator that oil is burning in your engine. 0 CR blowing blue smoke on regen VW MKV A5 Golf Jettas. If just at startup you have smoke may just be valve seals leaking. The particulates are not being filtered out which is what the DPF did. As soon as you remove one DPF parameter up pops the Aug 22 2014 The blue smoke is your engine burning oil. Blue Black and White Blue The engine is burning engine oil. Can has gone through roughly a litre of oil assuming that that is the difference between min and max on the dipstick in the past 2k miles. Not all diesel 4WDs have a DPF button the Triton does not. If your egr coolers split the truck would either hydrolock blow coolant out of the deg gas bottle or pour steam out of the tail pipe like a locomotive. The oil put in the car may be the incorrect grade for the engine meaning it s too thick or thin to run the engine properly. I understand the sun visor instructions I was talking to a driver that made a 3000 mile trip in a pro star and he said he 39 s seen smoke probably 7 times during the trip. Also the hotter something gets the less viscosity it has which means it flows faster when hot like Maple Syrup on a plate after running it for 30 seconds in the microwave . It was probably mid 20s that day and I asked how long he let it Dpf remove ridiculous amounts black smoke. Strange because No smoke on start up. May 20 2015 The truck will NOT give you ANY notice it is happening or it needs to happen. I just did the dpf quot only quot delete about 3 weeks ago using exhaust componints for the 01 05 dmax cat nbsp 25 Jan 2018 If smoke is detected the car will automatically fail the examination. They told me that it is more noticeable white blue smoke during colder outside temps ie. o liter tdi with around 170 000 miles . thx in advance Prohibits nuisance exhibition of motor vehicle exhaust which is the knowing release of soot smoke or other particulate emissions from a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14 000 pounds or less into the air and onto roadways other motor vehicles bicyclists or pedestrians in a manner that obstructs or obscures another Diesel engines can emit blue black or white smoke from their exhaust while running and each color can indicate a fault with a part or system. After about a mile or so it completely clears and doesnt smoke at all. Does anybody know potential causes of the following symptoms Excessive cranking when starting cold Large amount of light blue smoke for around Sep 21 2012 I have recently had to have my DPF removed from my 2006 520d due to it becoming blocked up. Dec 07 2018 Blue smoke usually means burning oil check coolant for sludge deposit but also could be oil leak onto hot exhaust though when its that the cab will fill with smoke as well. The Powertrain Control Module PCM will need to be reprogrammed to add several enhancements including a more reasonable driving experience during the cleaning cycle and instrument Sep 28 2007 just put a b18b1 LS in my ek hatch when i bought the motor it was still in the sellers car and it ran perfect no smoke. 2 gal hour the proper regen 22 Apr 2010 Last week my husband noticed blue and white smoke pouring out of the It 39 s quite a widespread problem with the diesel particulate filter. sometimes separately sometimes all 3 at different times from the same engine. Tho it is crucial that the proper oil is used in the engine. They both happened on warm starts after sitting for 10 15 minutes. Modern diesels get fitted with electronic controls and high pressure common rail injectors. i can 39 t get hold of 2 Beru plugs for a week or so to replace the short NGK 39 s so still got the whitish blue smoke on start up that I 39 ve had ever since I decored the DPF. It would do this every few hundred miles or so nbsp 30 Jul 2018 Blue smoke is a very bad indicator that oil is burning in your engine. 31 Aug 2018 Blue smoke is a clear sign telling your car engine is burning oil. Jan 16 2016 One of two scenarios. The new system was a copy but a secondhand was bought just in case it was a faulty dpf but it hasn 39 t been fitted. Your engine is more than likely burning coolant. I have the same problem with the 500v 39 puffing 39 a blue white smoke cloud at shift changes but only if the engine is in the process of an active regeneration process with the DPF and only at cooler outside temps. Earl1412 we had MAT sensors so plugged in our 365 39 s that they smoked constantly. Sep 09 2019 Got my multiecuscan modified elm 327 and checked dpf regen state 127 full so i ran a forced regen did not expect high revs for around 10 minutes and clouds of smoke pouring down the street forcing pedestrians to cross the road however it eventually ran to 100 and the smoke dissapeared at the 30 mark i will take it for a run later to see if it still smokes regen down to 67 full Hi all just joined the forums. Whenever blue smoke emits from the exhaust pipe it means the vehicle is nbsp The smoke is blue burnt oil not black diesel soot or white steam or unburnt fuel . Air starvation A very small number were faulty producing an out of spec spray pattern which caused unburned fuel to run right through the system depositing soot after the DPF and causing white blue smoke. May 09 2014 From memory the last one i had that had a DPF problem it was white smoke it was blowing out almost like the car was trying to quot wash quot the DPF with diesel If you had the misfortune of driving behind it it smelt very much of diesel fumes and i 39 m 99 certain it was white. I think It 39 s totally normal. The blue gray white smoke debate is one that will be argued for ever but if she is running and no loss of power. perfect on acceleration slight puff of black smoke. A brand new DPF 7000 finally fixed the issue for good. The manual transmission i30 does not have a DPF they have a DOC Diesel Oxidation Catalyst same as a CAT converter for a petrol engine but with different exotic metals I used to own a i30 from brand new it didn 39 t blow any smoke on start up No need to glow even during winter in Canberra 7 degrees C some nights Oct 29 2017 This little nemo 1. In this instance the oil can enter the combustion chamber from nbsp Blue smoke dpf. Now cars that emit oily or blue smoke for nbsp dusty blue smoke bomb wedding photo ideas wedding weddingphotos weddingideas dpf. If you use the vehicle only for short journeys the DPF does not get hot enough and gets blocked up with particles. It 39 s the difference between partially burned and unburned fuel. So the smoke is blueish it produces a puff on startup but on idle it generally doesn 39 t smoke at all Technician B says that DPF dosing cycles can be managed directly by the ECM. We spoke to a dealer about smoking engines and they suggested watching the MAT signals. Oct 10 2016 White Smoke from Diesel Exhaust. Its not a ton of blue smoke but enough to see it from 50 yards inside the house. Have an 08 250 with 69K for five days in a row it would smoke not long after start up. we changed a couple and no more smoke. 2 Feb 2016 I explained that the blue smoke was burning oil due to an engine problem. On the way when accelerating it blew thick WHITE SMOKE. What worries me is the heavy blue smoke when I accelerate hard funny enough this is a sort of a once off on a trip and then its gone until I shut off and restart and get going again. While generally well known in the mechanic community consumers should be aware that Toyota 1KD engines have a very specific problem. Vauxhall Vectra C intermittant blue smoke unthrottled Has the pipework downstream of the turbo compressor been checked for excessive oil The engine management system does not control oil flow and the engine has no way of knowing that it is burning oil unless the DPF if present becomes clogged. Apr 08 2020 This would usually be evident by some blue smoke on a normal car. 0 TDCi 2008 and its rough start and blue smoke at start up when cold. Jul 30 2017 When does the white stuff comeout the exhaust If it has trouble starting in the morning and it is coming out when you are trying to start it then it is most likely vaporised diesel. It can still get blocked by hardened DEF and if this happens it is not usually serviceable although specialists at FSX Equipment Inc are making headway with a custom program for I ve had my Ascent blow white blue smoke on two startups 2 300 miles now . Old fashioned but when it put black smoke out it was un burned diesel. I haven 39 t had a dpf warning on my dash . All the evidence pointed to DPF regens. You can hear a bit of injector clatter but nothing else is different. I have the torque app and it seems to be always doing a Blue smoke and dpf full warning Page 2 Blue smoke is of course not bright blue in colour it is more of a pale grey with a distinctive blue tinge to it. but know my 4 2008 39 s had to have doc 39 s replaced to clear up my intermittent whitish blue smoke. This also helps to reduce smoking diesel engine problems. Not many drivers know what a Diesel Particulate Filter DPF is until it costs them serious money. Clouds of black smoke on acceleration are a thing of the past as the soot is trapped by diesel particulate filter DPF . Semi combusted oil in the exhaust gas C. Aug 15 2013 The thing is when it regens with no dpf the smoke can be almost any colour i would check your oil level as Fire26662 has said it will put excess diesel from all the failed regens into the sump diluting the oil and this could be why you have blue smoke due to oil bypass on turbo seals and if it s over the full mark then it will enter the May 11 2016 If smoke that is coloured blue or grey is coming out of your car 39 s exhaust pipe this generally means that your car is a little bit too thirsty on the oil. Blue smoke is caused by the engine lubricating oil burning. This enables us to fine tune the system to run optimally and efficiently with no errors after having removed the DPF and by doing so allow your vehicle to continue to Jul 19 2016 had my 2009 S Class W221 DPF filter and cat removed. so that was covered under warranty. i was driving along the other day and went to pull up to do delivery when I noticed blue smoke coming out of the exhaust I got out of the van and looked at the exhaust and it was extremely hot you could see the heat rays coming off it so I jumped back in the van and revved the throttle it through a cloud of blue smoke out and then it cleared and Sep 06 2012 Initially I thought blue smoke mite be engine or turbo. Recently the car has been bucking and blowning black smoke on accel . Its composition may vary with the fuel type or rate of consumption or speed of engine operation e. Hi Ross As a rule Black Smoke Unburnt Fuel incomplete combustion bad mix Blue Smoke Burning Oil White Smoke Water Vapor Water getting where it shouldn 39 t be. If you 39 re driving a car with an automatic transmission make sure to inspect the oil being used by the transmission system since a leak here could potentially be the reason for blue smoke. Blue smoke is a sign that oil is being burnt. The DPF which stands for Diesel Particulate Filter is designed to trap soot from unburnt diesel before it gets pumped out of the car s exhaust. Paul s diagnosis was that this was due to the blocked DPF. Hi everyone i was hoping that someone could give me some ideas for possible repairs. ABout every 300 to 400 km apparently the DPF gets about 50 blocked which triggers the start of a cleanout. White smoke was mostly when sitting overnight. Smoke is heavy blue and DPF disasters and engine degradation due to engine oil dilution or excessive back pressure is a very common issue with modern diesels fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter. Sent the problem DPF to be baked and cleaned again and it still causes whatever truck its on to smoke like a freight train. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. this blue smoke and high g hour is happening everytime i drive the car which is about 4 days a week Is this Bluey grey smoke and 0. Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Inlet Temperature Sensor EGT2 The thermistor aftertreat ment diesel particulate filter DPF inlet temperature sensor monitors the exhaust gas temperature enter ing the DPF. 1 Worn cylinders or piston rings. a dpf is a particulate filter situated in the exhaust system many of the later diesels have them. The LML Duramax has a 9th injector in the exhaust that is used to inject extra fuel to clean the DPF Mar 19 2019 My symptoms were blue smoke so done the turbo then the smoke changed to whitish like yours never a problem starting hot or cold so just after about 1 or 2 minutes of driving it will smoke till it 39 s up to temp then stops it might do it up to 3 or 4 times a week it 39 s not using oil or coolent and drives perfect while its smoking then just stops when it 39 s up to temp I did notice it does it more Jul 22 2014 Hi all you guys that have taken off your dpf exhaust I 39 m wondering if you billow black smoke out On my 2009 that 39 s straight piped when I 39 m feathering the gas to stay at the speed limit my truck just dumps black smoke and its not like blowing out it acts like its just dumps out wondering why it does this its very annoying. I made about 4 attempts turned over fast as normal no start then left it about an hour and a half put the key in and it fired up first time. 0 tdi quattro S Line and for the last 2 3 months I have been getting white smoke fumes coming out of the exhaust on start up. Once it hit 2250 rpm 39 s it started to shudder so I took it to the shop. 4L V8 Diesel Turbo 17 200 mi Diesel Particulate Filter DPF cleaning cycle Hi everyone i was hoping that someone could give me some ideas for possible repairs. It can be hard to spot for the inexperienced but if you have seen it once before you cannot miss it. I stopped to top up with fuel and put 40ml of FTC and 20ml Cleanpower in the tank then headed across town for the Hume Highway back to Collector near Canberra . Do you have any wonders about it I don 39 t understand why oil is in the equation of active regens. what about the egr 10 Oct 2016 You might notice a burnt oil smell while stepping on the accelerator or maybe see blue gray smoke leave your exhaust on startup or heavy nbsp 29 Nov 2015 Please help in diagnosis. Told me it would cure the problem. Take the same precautions as with blue smoke and check for excessive oil consumption. 15 Cool amp Colorful Smoke Bomb Wedding Photo nbsp 5 Mar 2017 Unlike many on here I 39 ve had no problems with the DPF except when it does a regeneration. If you have seen blue smoke unfortunately it is almost always bad news. It did it 39 s blue smoke trick under a mile from the house under acceleration. First off my dpf is cracked because if I hit the gas hard it will blow a puff of black smoke and my tailpipe is black. It only takes a tiny amount of oil to produce blue smoke from the exhaust. He took the turbocharger apart to look for oil leak. 7 cdti 2010 J that I bought with a few problems. It starts like a switch no gradual build up and then will not stop happening once started. Then when I pull away there seems to be a larger cloud of white smoke. If the smoke is thin and goes away relatively quickly than it is merely condensation. Gray or bluish smoke means the leaking of engine oil into the internal combustion chamber. You should be running 0w40 Mobil 1. I was wondering if it is going into regen because The smoke is quite bad but does seem to get I little better as you drive a few miles. It is May 19 2016 1KD white smoke on start up. 0tdi 140 160k remapped about a week ago and the other day noticed it smokes white blue grey at times. Lots of times a fuel filter that needs changed out is not noticeable except when under full power and it can blow white smoke. You should nbsp Liqui Moly Diesel Partikelfilter Schutz nbsp 2 Mar 2018 Find out what each colour of smoke coming out of your car 39 s exhaust means it could be trouble 2 Aug 2019 Affected vehicles had their engine control modules reprogrammed DPF units checked cleared and were smoke tested. I must say too that I never have any oil consumption. Post by seismicbob Fri Nov 02 2018 9 32 pm. There is only a small window though from what I observed through my evolution ct. 0 JTDM 170 and twice now I 39 ve had blue smoke coming from the tail pipes is happened around 2 3 months apart and last for around 10 mins. I knew I would get a lot more but I never thought it would be clouds and clouds. Blue smoke is a very bad indicator that oil is burning in your engine. Black smoke is over fueling blocked air filter dead turbo. Apr 10 2012 at 8 00 PM I have a 2008 with a mini max egress delete and dog delete. it was using oil pretty quickly . Living Room TX 50DX802b SkyQ 2TB BD H6500 Blu ray TOYZX wrote I 39 ve owned 2 vehicles now with dpf amd not once have I seen or heard of them blowing smoke. Was thinking maybe DPF Anyone with anything similar happen to theirs before I give the dealer a call Blue smoke is oil. Black smoke or soot is when floored in low rpms and low gear never noticed in mid throttle. Sadly though after about 1000 miles I 39 m still going into regen every 120 150 miles. You will no doubt be quite alarmed if you detect blue smoke or bluish gray smoke emanating from your exhaust pipe. It started off by not completing a regen. The commonest cause of white smoke is likely injector pump timing. Mar 14 2016 A bit of blue smoke during a DPF regen isn 39 t anything to get overly concerned about unless you see it with increased regularity or for prolonged periods after setting off from the traffic lights suggesting the amount of oil making its way into the DPF has increased . MK7 Transit DPF Blue Smoke Problem. Its the continuous blue smoke and extra diesel being used in trying the clean the DPF that I hate. The food is soulful with a selection of barbecue meats fresh produce and thoughtfully sourced ingredients. For about a year now when I cold start the car I get a good size puff of blue smoke from the exhaust. The DPF is absolutely no problem. interrupting the cycle you will get faults and risk clogging the DPF. If you used a low quality oil for your last oil change the oil must be changed as it is either too viscous or too diluted. Technician A only Blue smoke emission from a truck diesel engine is usually caused by Jun 30 2014 The blue smoke only occurs as the car is 3 4 of the way to being at normal running temperature and only occurs between 1800 and 2000RPM and only as you accelerate. I felt the turbo shaft Hi I have an update to my blue smoke and rough running after collecting the car after it had the injectors replaced I knew it didn 39 t feel right with a lack of power and an engine knock over 2000 rpm. 7L engines with a DPF may not show any smoke but frequent DPF regen nbsp 11 May 2017 Happens with multiple interrupted DPF regens if they 39 re unsuccessful. Here 39 s one for you I have a 2012 MK7 Transit 350 155HP with nbsp Black smoke from the tailpipe is soot which is produced when some fuel DPF 39 s and Black smokeIt is. It could be as the engine runs hotter thus heating the oil up it could be leaking though a faulty head gasket. Nov 16 2018 11 16 2018 11 12 PM ayjanamo Wrote Hello Everyone I have a DD15 with white smoke coming out of the exhaust during regeneration. Problem is the DPF No Left or Right Hand Drive LHD blue smoke still comes out for 10 15 seconds where as this doesn 39 t happen in idle no matter how hard you rev it or for how Jan 19 2015 Dpf has been checked and ok Any suggestions of what to investigate regarding causes of blue smoke would be appreciated Was planning to get remap and dpf delete but really want this sorted before I do that. A diesel particulate filter is a device that captures and stores harmful nbsp 10 Aug 2017 Good evening my 123d strangely start pluming blue smoke out the it 39 s a 50mph limit if find it strange that it would be a dpf regen so early on nbsp 9 Mar 2012 is the blue grey smoke causing the dpf to regen is the 1. WHAT IS ADBLUE AdBlue is the marketing term for a fluid used in the catalytic convertor fitted to the exhaust systems of some diesel cars. Ford Tech suggested changing intercooler. White smoke is common in cold weather when you first start your vehicle. Cold starts after sitting overnight generate a bit of blue smoke but nothing on warm starts during the day. Coolant pressure after shutdown was higher than cylinder pressure and it leaked into the chamber while sitting. 2008 Ford F 350 Super Duty 6. On top of that Diesel exhaust fluid DEF is injected into the stream of exhaust gasses. Sounds like you may have a cracked dpf. modern diesels suffer from a poorly designed Diesel Particulate Filter system which deliberately nbsp systems such as a DPF DOC or SCR should never blow exhaust smoke. After I changed the oil it too started blowing blue smoke out from a dead stop when cold and accelerate up to 2000 rpm without a hitch. Makes sense right Some Technical Jargon About Your Saab 9 3 Aero 1. It 39 s at the beginning of the cycle when the dpf is not fully heated up. Dpf delete with a functional egr will smoke a little more but usually just a little haze of black which I guess could be confused as a blue. 2 gal hour the proper regen Sooty black or grey smoke is not a good sign if your vehicle is a late model car or truck with a 39 clean diesel 39 engine. Dealer looked at it and also said everything is ok. The other day I let my buddy drive my truck to pick something up for me. Owned a Focus of some description for nearly 10 years now but struggling with my new purchase. May 12 2016 None the less they did take a look and found that the injector that injects diesel into the DPF for the cleaning process was out of bounds by a few degrees. Then clears up in a couple of seconds. 3200 later from the shop it still was blowing blue smoke. Posted 11 years ago Engine decarbonizing machine that burns off and eliminates carbon deposits via a hydrogen pulse. White smoke in diesel engines is usually the last color you want to see particularly on gas cars. anybody can fix this problem No eml light power ok just this smoke when car stop on traffic lights instead of smoke testing SAE J1667 Snap Acceleration Procedure DPF retrofits tested upstream of DPF OEM tested at pipe or stack as usual RTG Cranes Pre approved modified procedure lift amp lower method Other modified methods as approved by EO Interpreting Results Smoke meter averages the 3 test snaps Pass Fail indicator may White Usually steam sometimes fuel when it 39 s really cold and there 39 s no DPF Blue Oil Black fuel It 39 s not uncommon to see white ish smoke on a cold start without a DPF or with a bad DPF it 39 s fuel but not the typical black soot you get from a warm diesel. The thing i have noticed since then is just how much smoke soot I get now. I had a DPF and EGR delete done on the ecm. I know the smoke isn t oil it s diesel fuel and it smells like it s unburnt diesel. Blue smoke oil amp citrus odor Diesel exhaust is the gaseous exhaust produced by a diesel type of internal combustion engine plus any contained particulates. blue white that you mentioned above applies as well no doubtdiesels are a bit different in SOME circumstances specifically the DPF filtering and the injector leak issues that the CRD diesels of all makes tend to have. What does a diesel particulate filter do The DPF is fitted within the exhaust system and is designed to catch soot particles and nitrous oxide NOx from the combustion process that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The ECM determines the load condition of the DPF based upon the exhaust gas pressure upstream 2 and downstream 2 of the DPF. The truck seems to run okay but every once in a while it will puff out blue smoke and the engine stumbles. The DPF and DOC filters are suitable for pneumatic and thermal cleaning conversely because the SCR is a closed unit it is not suitable for the pneumatic cleaning. my god there were plumes of blue smoke so thick that people avoided driving behind. Both are Mercedes approved brands. Jun 03 2019 hy to all dk members i have a c220 w204 FL and i have troubles with dpf i have tried to make it off whit dpf remover2017 but the car has a terible blue smoke on the exhaust so if some one could give a hand . It s either a problem to do with the oil or internal engine components. You nbsp 5 Jan 2020 Should my engine be blowing white blue or black smoke A diesel engine in good condition should produce no visible smoke from the nbsp . Doesnt seem to be losing any coolant and very little oil use admittedly I 39 ve not monitored this very closely though Regards Steve Jan 15 2011 But after the initial start up I don 39 t see any blue smoke again until the next day just black as it doesn 39 t have a DPF. Its the only one that we cant figure out. The DPF Diesel Particulate Filter can get blocked up when you use the vehicle for short journeys around town etc. Sep 07 2014 Recently I bought Zafira B 2006m. Apr 22 2015 Mazda 6 2009 DPF 2. It is emitted from the exhaust nbsp Hi everyone. But if you spot it early know what to do and act on it these problems can be fixed. You should however note that if your diesel engine car usually gets driven at low speeds the soot deposit has a strong tendency to build up over a period of time. No smoke when revving stationary. Jul 07 2013 The smoke seems to come out in bursts on highway usually always when depressing the throttle. There is a special process to follow as outlined in the owner s manual. 30 weight oil seems thin for Florida 39 s high temps. It is blue and stinks because the combustion temps are low and the combustion is incomplete until the engine warms up some. In order to function properly a diesel engine needs precise timing of the injector pump and high pressure. The 1KD white smoke on start up besides the obvious white smoke is symptoms of rattling knocking noise in the first two or three seconds after start up. features amp benefits of Wynn 39 s Stop Smoke Oil Treatment. I have the white smoke hesitation issue when towing but never this . SOURCE my rx7 blows blue whight smoke. Blue smoke on any vehicle would thow up warning signs for me Sent from my SM N920I using Tapatalk Dec 10 2019 Watch Out The Smoke Colors. idling or at speed or under load and whether the engine is in an on road vehicle farm vehicle locomotive marine vessel or stationary generator or other Dec 06 2017 The blue smoke does indeed sound like a compression issue I think having to go and do a special run purely to clear out the DPF precludes the purchase of a diesel for you especially with the Mayor of Londons hatred of diesel and any penalities that might occur in the future. Good compression allows oil to burn cleanly as part of the fuel. Sep 05 2013 I have a 2005 X Type 2. How much oil is it burning 31 Jan 2018 Blue smoke from the exhaust Oil is entering the system. Even a small amount getting into the DPF will clog it up forcing more regular regens and working hardertaking life out of it as nbsp No oil usage but clouds of blue when the DPF fires. Blue smoke coming from your exhaust or DPF during regeneration comes from the burning of engine oil. nbsp 18 Apr 2018 DPF has 0mg inside. The blue smoke is definately diesel After a lot of messing about we decided to change the maf due to it reading slighlty high and it was fixed no blue smoke after about 40 miles it starts to smoke again. Blue smoke is a worry as it is sump oil burning. The ECM uses this signal in determining EGR and VGT actuator positions and aftertreatment fuel injection during DPF regeneration. Apr 24 2013 We swapped DPFs from this truck onto another and lo and behold it finally quit smoking and the other truck started to smoke as a result. It is injected into the exhaust gases and burnt at very high temperatures to break down harmful nitrogen oxides. Oct 14 2015 WHITE SMOKE amp OIL DRIPPING FROM EXHAUST NISSAN NAVARA D40 SE I just bought a used Nissan Nav D40 SE 2009 Make that has been left idle for almost a year with 70 000km on it. I 39 ve seen people endlessly chasing DPF issues when caused by something else entirely. This was done along with number 2 injector. Hi I have an update to my blue smoke and rough running after collecting the car after it had the injectors replaced I knew it didn 39 t feel right with a lack of power and an engine knock over 2000 rpm. It is also noticable under normal driving conditions at night when I can see the smoke through the headlights of cars behind me. I have not seen any kind of white grey or blue smoke. I explained that the blue smoke was burning oil due to an engine problem. What kind of Vehicle are we talking about. quot Apr 17 2015 Gray smoke is hard to diagnose directly. He changed the oil and put in an additive. Similar to EGR problems the DPF can become clogged up from city driving where the car does not get up to temperature. I think you may have the DPF and the DOC exhaust system needs looked at. I had my 2011 blow blue smoke when regen happened. DPF amp EGR Specialised Automobile . Blue smoke and dpf full warning Hi all. After having successfully removed 100 of the DPF data file structure we then proceed to carry out a full smoke correction session inclusive of all DPF removals by Sinspeed . This excess oil then gets burnt and emitted as blue smoke. The exhaust may need disconnected or a test pipe temporarily installed to diagnose smoking issues. If its a blue tinge its oil being burnt think head gasket piston rings or turbo oil seals. P0016 CKP amp CMP Sensor Signals Out Of Read More quot Isuzu Trucks On Board Diagnostic Trouble Codes DPF or EGR Errors quot Hi Mick. But if Mar 29 2013 Have anyone found out what was the problem. You removed the dpf box and cat with delete pipes. So any decrease in the pressure or delay in the fuel delivery to the combustion chamber will result in incomplete combustion leading to white smoke. Took it to the local Mack Dealer and they replaced the DPF filter Catalyst 7th Injector and various sensors 7500 . Jan 21 2010 Yes fairly normal for post 05 06 vehicles these now purge the DPF. It 39 s not steam at this point Ives had two egr coolers replaced. During the time that the engine was running there was a constant flow of blue smoke coming from the exhaust tail pipe which Paul also insisted was due to the blocked DPF. I 39 ve tried a couple of Wynnes additives but to no avail. May 11 2020 Blue smoke may indicate an uncontrolled variable entering the combustion process. I do associate blue smoke with burning oil also but people are adament it 39 s due to the injectors i don 39 t know if an electronic check would check the seals or just the output. smell is a main indicator to problem but if coming from exhaust pipe usually not good white grey smoke is over fuelling. Was never overly concerned as I also own an air cooled 911 where Smokey starts are fairly common after sitting for longer periods of time 2 3 weeks in my case . The Wynn 39 s Stop Smoke Oil Treatment is an oil soluble supplement designed to reduce exhaust smoke due to oil burning. In petrol cars white smoke can also mean that your gasket head or cylinder is cracked or even that coolant is leaking into the engine itself which can be very dangerous. Jun 20 2016 The mechanic s diagnosis was that this was due to the blocked DPF During the time that the engine was running there was a constant flow of blue smoke coming from the exhaust tail pipe which the technician also insisted was due to the blocked DPF. Never replaced injectors in 175 000 miles. no smoke during hard driving conditions. Aug 31 2018 I am the owner of a 2011 Disco 4 TDV6 diesel with 98 000 kms. That is going to happen from time to time. And replacing one can cost 1000 or more. There 39 s a slight diesel smell but not off putting to me. Jan 31 2018 Blue smoke from the exhaust You may have heard about the diesel particulate filter DPF which is designed to trap soot from unburnt diesel before it pumps out of the car 39 s exhaust. Reduces exhaust smoke due to oil burning White Smoke Headgasket Black Smoke Unburnt Fuel Blue Smoke Worn Engine Piston Rings. 7 g hour a regen of is it something else is the blue grey smoke causing the dpf to regen is the 1. When one of the many sensors like the NOX sensor detects the Diesel Particulate Filter DPF that captures soot is clogged it will cause the truck to burn extra fuel for 30 45 minutes to get the exhaust to an extreme temp to burn the soot out. Within an hour it started again. NOTE This is not a replacement DPF Cleaning. They did a good job with a new map turning DPF EGR off via software. Oct 20 2014 A diesel particulate filter DPF is a feature of these models. If the test was negative nbsp 1 Aug 2019 quot If the smoke test is negative the DPF will be replaced. MOST COMMON CAUSE BURNING OIL. 9 CDTI and faced problem that during the DPF filter regeneration process smoke is coming from under the bonnet. But only when the engine is right up to temperature. I took it to a Bosch specialist who cleaned the injectors replaced leak off pipes and it passed MOT fine. Blue smoke generally means oil burning. Our version simply has an automatic DPF burn off system. Be blue smoke not black Black is over fuelling for whatever reason worn injectors being the most likely A new DPF is gonna cost around 1200 and if you don 39 t have any codes it won 39 t cause any problems besides the occasional white smoke from the tail pipe. However thicker longer lasting smoke is a much larger headache. Non burned extra fuel from leaky fuel injectors creates black smoke not blue. SPN 1244 FMI 5 FUEL ACTUATOR 2 SHORTED read more Aug 19 2015 black blue and white. In a DIESEL car White Smoke UNBURNT FUEL RAW DIESEL Possible causes Faulty or damaged injectors Incorrect injection timing could be a worn timing gear or damaged crankshaft keyway . The nitrogen dioxide component of NOx emissions is the primary oxidizer of the soot caught in the DPF at normal operating temperatures. Mar 31 2018 First thing all of us Mechanics automotive Diagnosticians and Gear heads want to know is . mind you this was after numerous removals pic 39 s taken and cleaning by dealer if you can get dealer to pickup cost under policy or warranty is really good as they are not cheap to buy. May 04 2014 my problem started around october the van started blowing white smelly smoke on idle and a strong fuel smell in the cab the eml came on lip mode etc so i took it to bells trucks and vans and it needed a new travel sensor and new probes on the dpf dpf levels were slightly high so the gave it a re gen and away i went everything went fine no Apr 16 2020 ISUZU HINO FUSO DPF OR EGR DELETE We can help We can help with all P codes on your truck. fans still blowing when engine off It has had a cheap remap which nbsp DPF Top Gun Cleaner DPF BLUECHEM DPF Oil Anti Smoke BLUECHEM nbsp I didn 39 t think the DPF in the n80 39 s was that obvious surely User avatar Blue smoke on any vehicle would thow up warning signs for me started randomly blue smoking. On Saturday driving alone doing 70 all of a sudden clouds of blue out the back pulled nbsp Blue smoke is mainly caused by oil being burnt within the combustion process middot Using the correct maintenance procedures and products will solve most problems nbsp 1 Aug 2016 Blue smoke coming from your exhaust or DPF during regeneration comes from the burning of engine oil. Had a call from the Mrs Friday afternoon at work. 7 liter Cummins diesel engines to fix an emissions related issue. They did 2 service regens on it and said give it a shot now. It was 11F outside if that makes any difference. RAM 1500 Diesel Garage RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanics. Sooty black or grey smoke is not a good sign if your vehicle is a late model car or truck with a 39 clean diesel 39 engine. DPF burns happen too often like mine which reduces the life of the DPF and damages the casing. Blue smoke is caused by the burning of engine oil. Jun 04 2008 With a buggered dpf the truck will either run fine and puff some smoke or it wont run at all. If no codes have the dealer double check with ENSITE or comparable programs to check the engines crank and cam possitiion sensors to make sure they have the same rpm. Aug 31 2018 Blue smoke coming out of exhaust is a warning signal that you can not ignore. Do these engines produce that smoke if they are doing the DPF burn off They should have gone the Ad Blue route . The colors of the tailpipe smoke are good signs to detect the type of oil coming out of exhaust problem. But newer engines are more complicated of course. Mar 04 2019 Failing that it certainly does sound like DPF regen especially if it is pumping out a lot of smoke. Here is an example of DPF filter cleaning process from a pickup Sep 28 2007 just put a b18b1 LS in my ek hatch when i bought the motor it was still in the sellers car and it ran perfect no smoke. Saab 9 3 Blue Smoke Diagnosis Blue Smoke 39 s NYC barbecue celebrates the evolving American South and honors its culinary traditions. i know it relate to dpf problem and this is what we done so far step by step diesel going in engine oil Jun 30 2017 2012 35c13 twin wheel Luton van 165000 miles . I had a new head new turbo new injectors done on an inframe. Smoke should be taken as an indication that there is a problem existing or developing that will potentially shorten the engine life or result in unnecessary costs. 17 Mar 2013 When the 11B is updated a commercial truck with a DPF Delete kit will not The plume of white bluish smoke belching from the stacks of the nbsp 7 Aug 2020 It isn 39 t normal for oil to get into the combustion chamber and so blue smoke is a sure sign that something is wrong with your engine. If you are in the unfortunate situation where white smoke continues to come out of your exhaust after you ve let your car warm up for more than a couple of minutes then you could have some internal problems taking place. I 39 ve managed to fix all the problems but the smoking issue and losing diesel issue has got me stumped. Gray smoke can also be an issue with your automatic transmission fluid getting burned up in the engine. Sure ya can smell when they r doin a burn but never seen smoke. This has been happening for sometime now and I believe I have narrowed it down to when the car is doing a regen. 7L Power Stroke Diesel Blue Smoke on Startup Hj Everyone This is I mean it could have done this from day 1 but with the DPF installed I nbsp 18 Nov 2008 I m not sure if this is anything to worry about. There should not be smoke coming from under the bonnet or anywhere except the exhaust pipes. Petrol cars didn 39 t escape MOT test changes either though. took many months of frustration but so far this yr smoke Oct 11 2019 A common problem is a leaking injector which can cause blue smoke on start up because the injector seal is passing 24 7 it fills the cylinder when the engine is off this then gets chucked when the engine is operating causing blue smoke Of there are wires going to a small box which would be fitted to the side of the battery box then it has a dpf. 9TTiD is a great car and pulls very nicely in 4th going 50 60mph but we find it is quite restrictive in the higher gears and a lot of this is down to the large Diesel Particulate Filter which sits in the exhaust. Turns out another workshop flashed an o Blue smoke emission from a truck Diesel engine is usually caused by A. John 2013 X5 Nov 11 2016 The most common is a diesel particulate filter in the exhaust system which cleans the exhaust but causes a constant minor reduction in fuel efficiency due to the back pressure created. The severity is intermittent but will always do it when hot over 175 and at idle. Sep 03 2014 After a bunch of tinkering I was able to figure out the cruise issue. I took it to a trusted mechanic. The car won 39 t perform the regen until the DPF is up to temperature so that might explain why it is only happening when the car is warm. Mar 25 2010 I 39 ve got two 389 39 s one a family 3 600 and the newest being a family 2 500v . S Jan 15 2016 Blue smoke can potentially be emitted during a cold start when the car is idle because oil is being burnt. Puff of blue smoke after dpf delete. It 39 s now blowing blue smoke on idle and on de acceleration. Jun 26 2012 Blue smoke in the morning start up usually from leaky valve seals during the day there is no smoke at start up because very small amount of oil gets to the cylinders in short non running time. The whole reason the Diesel Particulate Filter came along was to clean up the diesel car image Euro 5 Emissions 2009 . 9TTiD DPF System The Saab 9 3 Aero 1. What happens is that the piston rings or the valve guide seals or other nbsp 5 Sep 2019 DPF dusting and class action all issues for HiLux Prado and Fortuner. I always used Motul Eco Clean 0W30. It would appear that the recent warmer weather reduced the problem which up till the beginning of June was a daily occurrence. It is especially effective in older engines with worn components and can be used in petrol LPG and diesel engines. Dec 05 2010 When it starts smoking it sounds like it is in regen but does not say that on the dash. You can hear a sound like a blow torch coming from under the bonnet. On Saturday driving alone doing 70 all of a sudden clouds of blue out the back pulled it over cooling fan was running and exhaust note changed whilst kicking excess heat out. Despite the repairing garage telling me there was no problem and it seemed normal I persevered and took it into another VX garage to be checked. Baffled by it all really hoping it 39 s just the dpf the blue smoke regenerating itself as I say it 39 s intermittent and seems to do it at any time then it goes . I now have a 2015 lml and it blows smoke in the same situation. He said it could be a valve ring problem and Hi I get whitish blue smoke on every 3rd to 4th start. This creates a blue colored smoke which is passed down the exhaust system and then exits the car along with normal gases. Now hundreds of nbsp Engine D5 Euro III no DPF blue smoke from cold S80 39 98 39 06 S60 39 00 39 09 V70 amp XC70 39 00 39 07 General. All inspection work and replacement if required will be completed free of charge to the nbsp 1 Oct 2019 Blue Exhaust Smoke. One way to test for this is to get the engine up to normal operating temperature then do a few full acceleration take offs with your foot to the floor Blue Smoke. The smoke is so bad it trails the car and if I 39 m stopped it just clouds the whole back of my car. It is never a good signal and can indicate several problems. For many years the only option for DPF equipped vehicles experiencing problems ie DPF warning light on the dashboard of the car was to replace the old blocked DPF with a Oct 09 2018 How to Fix Blue Smoke When a car is producing blue smoke it means oil is getting into the combustion chamber for one reason or another and being burnt along with the normal gasoline. This means that valves or piston rings nbsp 2. If the smoke clears in less than 1 minute this would be normal depending on temperature and altitude. She said the Feb 03 2015 Blue smoke on DPF firing. That worked for a day or two then it started smoking again. No fault codes were stored and no warning lights on dash so after chatting to customer about his driving journies found the car was stuck in regen and the short trips would not let it complete. But it should stop as the engine warms up. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Took to another garage who said it is dpf regenerating all the time causing blue smoke. If this over fueling operation is not operating properly it can cause white smoke and damage to the engine. Full List of Isuzu Trucks On Board Diagnostic Trouble Codes See below for a full list of DTC on Isuzu Trucks and other modern Common Rail trucks. 2008 3500 11 quot lift 38 39 s DPF EGR delete Smarty Blue smoke coming from your engine is a warning sign you can t ignore. quot If the smoke test is negative the DPF will be Software enhancements are available to remedy inconsistency and confusion about the Diesel Particulate Filter DPF cleaning cycle Regeneration mode. the DPF causes smelly white smoke to be emitted from the exhaust nbsp 30 Jun 2017 and went to pull up to do delivery when I noticed blue smoke coming ou. No loss of coolant power etc. Black smoke refers to unburnt fuel which means that the engine fails to burn one or two combustion catalyst. They were inconsistent with RPM changes. quot According to Zack Ellison at Cummins quot White smoke is an indication of unburned diesel fuel. I 39 d be surprised if this is the problem. Let 39 s hope it 39 s not injectors. the garage says the dpf is not blocked but I 39 ve only had the problems since they replaced the catalytic convertor Smoke Trick The starting is intermittent . Diesel fumes coming into cabin. Jun 03 2017 Your DPF is under the car on the exhaust pipe about midway to the back. I have noticed it smokes the worst when it is partly cooled hour or two after driving. Whenever blue smoke emits from the exhaust pipe it means the vehicle is burning engine oil. Sep 03 2017 Hello guys girls I am hoping you can help I have a 515 Mercedes sprinter minicoach and it is occasionally kicking out putrid white smoke on idle the oil level was also rising. When he gets back he calls me and ask if my truck always blow white and blue smoke and I said no. 2 Faulty valves or valve stem seals. The DPF then clogs as the ash from burnt oil wont burn off during a regen. Visible smoke from an engine indicates that something is not right. a fuel filter or a DPF burn off. Modern diesels are designed to deliberately over fuel the engine or just one cylinder for brief periods in order to create heat to burn carbon off of the Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. A DPF burnoff is when nbsp 21 Feb 2017 Don 39 t mean to change the subject but just wondering if you guys will be able to help me with my zafira cdti it keeps blowing blue smoke out and nbsp 14 Mar 2017 Hi I got my van 2. Smell is This is the first time EVER in the 22k I 39 ve had the truck that it 39 s ever blown blue smoke. Anyone had their cruiser blowing blue smoke No sign of oil anywhere phew so they have put it down to the DPF. Take your vehicle in to be inspected as soon as possible to determine the nbsp 13 Nov 2019 6. It 39 s not old enough to have worn valve guides and or valve stem oil seals. Blue smoke from a car exhaust is generally a bad sign and the cause of it will need to be repaired as soon as possible. This could be as a result of an issue with the engine oil itself. I have noticed that it belches black smoke on accelerating quite hard but this goes after a few minutes driving. If you are not noticing a lag in power under full throttle then I would say a DPF burn off. 3 Engine over full with engine oil Hi I am wondering if anyone has come across this problem. DPF Removal amp Smoke Correction Service Posted in DPF Removal Contact UsDPF Removal Smoke Correction SessionDPF Removals are becoming very common as the years progress they continue to fail and manufacturers continue to release newer cars with Diesel Particulate Filters DPF . Oct 07 2019 Usually it ll be a big plume of blue smoke as this happens. Jun 04 2015 Cars did not smoke blue prior to 1976 when cats were mandated unless they have a problem. Oct 31 2019 We would always recommend seeking an immediate diagnosis from a professional mechanic if you notice blue exhaust smoke. I bought the vehicle second hand and am pretty happy with the overall performance etc. This enables us to fine tune the system to run optimally and efficiently with no errors after having removed the DPF and by doing so allow your vehicle to continue to Jul 12 2015 The DPF on the Dmax is considerably smaller to reflect the volume of exhaust and there is a interval that the filter needs cleaned. But is he nbsp 23 Oct 2019 and the diesel particulate filter DPF . any ideas TIA Cliff Aug 01 2019 quot Toyota dealers will reprogram the engine control module ensure the DPF has been regenerated and conduct a smoke test quot it said in a statement. xnesib6zifn mizgkgletdgw l7zd9gsdnaf vguw6ytz5rkrwa8mf 1os 5e2f82 be eufice1f74qy je jkw3 zhwc mqrkec3cjw qdzho gx3bukdrdz7 nbsp got a mercedes sprinter 311 cdi on 09 plate blue smoke was coming out of the exhaust but not every time one min it will do it and the other min nbsp 5 Sep 2019 Toyota is already the subject of a class action due to ongoing DPF issues that cause HiLux diesels to blow white smoke. DPF seems to constantly regenerate after EVERY drive. My car is dpf off swirl flap blanked egr nbsp 20 Mar 2020 The diesel particulate filter DPF has made a lot of headlines of late while blue smoke can indicate serious damage to the DPF 39 s internals. Sep 02 2017 Major blue smoke from exhaust starting about 3 or 4 seconds after coming off the throttle boost. Hi Guys My truck started blowing a light blue colored smoke a couple of days ago and I was wondering if I have a big problem. 3 hdi came in for harsh running issues blue smoke and cooling fan on permanently. Jan 31 2012 I just had this happen last week. I have a 2009 Cummins ISX 485 I recently had it rebuilt now it s blowing blue smoke and it s very noxious. Put in new battery added new coolant fuel and engine oil. oil topped up monthly Castrol edge 5w 30 . Sorry my bad english but hope you can get some idea that what im try to say. Next morning engine was started out came that coolant as white smoke ran like garbage then cleared up and ran fine. Jun 12 2020 Top 7 Reasons White Smoke is Coming From Your Tailpipe. If you look on youtube you can see people having DPF filters cleaned from Pstroke and Cummins pickup motors. Even a small amount getting into the DPF will clog it up forcing more regular regens and working hardertaking life out of it as well. There are a number of reasons why engines will blow blue smoke but assuming the correct oil is used the main culprit behind the problem is oil burning in the cylinders. Apr 24 2020 The Diesel Particulate Filter DPF is best described as the ticking time bomb in most modern diesels. my car now smokes after idle when its fully warmed up. The result of the investigations concluded that the glow plugs are all non operative and that the DPF casing has been opened up and the filter smashed out. Jul 30 2019 Likewise when you have a blocked DPF it will often cause the car to go into limp mode or whilst going through regeneration of the DPF there could be excessive smoke. During this there is an awful lot of blue smoke nbsp 20 Jun 2016 I explained that the blue smoke was burning oil likely due to an engine problem. Dec 15 2013 I will try and condense this as much as possible We have an 2008 GU713 with the MP7 engine. Excessive white smoke out exhaust Excessive black smoke out of exhaust Excessive blue smoke out of exhaust Repeated repairs for diesel particulate filter DPF Excessive buildup in DPF system. Sep 07 2015 There 39 s 116k on it now and the car blows blue smoke on regen it seems. The only issue that we are stuck with is the P16A1 code. Cleans all the main engine components without the need to dismantle fuel injectors EGR valve turbocharger DPF etc. Show Full Signature 2008 3500 11 quot lift 38 39 s DPF EGR delete Smarty cbadge2 sold The last week I have noticed that its been smoking blue at startup and once its warms up its fine. 6 and i have started to notice a fair bit of blue smoke from the exhaust under acceleration usually hard acceleration . However since I got the DPF removed I began hearing this kinda whistling noise everytime I rev the car. I have a 2010 335 Peterbilt with a PX8. The presence of grey smoke may indicate several things from a faulty turbo a problem with the Positive Crankcase Ventilation PCV the job of which is to reduce vehicle emissions or simply oil burn off. Im not a mechanic just a shadetree mechanic. Talking about the blue smoke and oil smell. This is the first time I have seen this issue but also the first sub 30 degrees I have used the truck since DPF delete EFI Live EGR block and PCV reroute. It turned over a bit longer than usual then fired up no smoke. It has had some tuning company on it at some point and as the DPF had nbsp Blue white smoke that burns your eyes is un burnt fuel cold temperatures high 6. It stays for like 2 3 seconds and then goes away until I rev again or take my foot off accelerator. Blue smoke comes from the exhaus but on when the engine is hot. Diesel LPG and Petrol Performance Centre LPG Installations Servicing and System Upgrades Mechanical Repairs and Servicing All Makes Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Problems Solved This is a preventative solution to prevent DPF clogging and increase the lifespan of the DPF. I explained that the blue smoke was burning oil likely due to an engine problem. Feb 04 2019 2016 IHC MAXXFORCE 7 was billowing black smoke replaced cracked dpf much better now but light black smoke on acceleration puffs. What causes this white smoke or blue smoke Report. Dec 11 2016 If you removed the DPF the blue smoke at really cold temps is normal. May 10 2016 Blue smoke is a hard one to spot as diesel fuel is essentially a form of oil. Like blue smoke it can mean that the car is burning oil or suffering from a bad turbocharger. cars it 39 s more likely to be soot build up or the diesel particulate filter cleaning itself. Blue smoke should not be evident at any time but it is worth noting that engines with good sound compression can actually burn quite a lot of oil without evidence of blue smoke. Oct 12 2015 White smoke can mean a few different things but it shouldn 39 t be that hard to narrow down. Mar 20 2014 2013 TDI blue smoke amp no power VW Passat Family NMS and B7 TDIs 2012 Blue White smoke at idle when cold Smoke may not be visible on DPF equipped trucks. Causes of Turbo Failure Its important to know the reason why the turbo failed because you may fit a new or refurbished turbo that could fail through an underlying fault. We need year make model engine size etc. If one of the plugs has gone bad it s going to cause blue smoke until the motor has warmed all the way up. any ideas TIA Cliff After having successfully removed 100 of the DPF data file structure we then proceed to carry out a full smoke correction session inclusive of all DPF removals by Sinspeed . Joined Oct 8 2008 102 Posts Nov 12 2019 I posted a thread a week or two ago about my Focus 2. i saw it start up today and blue smoke came out on start up which i thought was very odd DPF I 39 m looking at you here . Take your vehicle in to be inspected as soon as possible to determine the source of the leak. Loss of power when accelerating. Apr 17 2013 So it turns out short trips and urban driving don 39 t do your DPF and favours only assisting in filling the DPF faster. Got turbo replaced but still same. Jul 27 2016 I bought my 39 05 f350 last Oct and it didn 39 t smoke at all. I also have a slight I hesitate to use the word misfire hesitation in power when cruising no loss of acceleration. In petrol cars it might suggest that oil is leaking into the engine block where the fuel is mixed with air while in diesel cars it may simply Apr 25 2015 I have a 2005 A3 2. If the compression test passes on all cylinders then start looking into the turbo intake piping to check for oil in the piping. is the smoke blue dpf tranquilizers the engine Hello I have a little not little problem Like what nbsp my car has always produced white blue smoke when the DPNR dpf is regenerating always. With a DPF it catches the excess emissions you see no smoke and not aware of an issue. Another clue to this problem is excessive oil usage and the need to refill it frequently. 9 Oct 2018 I noticed alot of blue smoke from the new 4 quot exhaust when cold. Aug 16 2017 This Diesel Forester came to us from interstate with a DPF that was so badly blocked that the car wouldn 39 t even idle. Blue smoke is caused by the burning of engine oil. Dec 20 2016 Blue smoke and you 39 ve got an oil leak fitting a decat just shows it up more due to the exhaust being less restrictive you shouldn 39 t have blue smoke decat or not. Just went through the EGR issue with our International ambulance. It may eventually set some codes though if the ECM doesn 39 t see enough variance from the pressure sensor. May 05 2010 Chrysler is voluntarily recalling 186 099 2007 09 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickup trucks equipped with 6. after 3 secs it usually clears out and doesnt come back untill cold or cold ish start. Engine still runs perfectly and fuel consumption has improved. Recommended for diesel vehicles with a DPF but not for those that run Ad blue as a package including Chemical Carbon Cleaning Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning and Injector Cleaning. I felt the turbo shaft An LC200 with a DPF button top centre. Green Flag attends a lot of cars that have broken down with DPF problems and they are caused by one primary factor the DPF is clogged with soot because the driver has ignored the warning lamp. Truck had the new style EGR valve installed at about 75 000 miles. As a DPF is fitted no diesel smoke should ever escape out nbsp 19 Mar 2012 Edd finds blue smoke coming out of one of his used purchases. I didn 39 t think nbsp 11 Feb 2019 My car has blue smoke at idle after start up and all over the time when its idle and smell hard diesel. Dec 17 2015 Diagnosing what is wrong with a diesel engine by the colour of the smoke falls into three basic colours. Exhaust temp light coming on all the time and really bad exhaust smell and white smoke from the pipe. DPF burns not happening often enough which clog up the DPF Extra fuel consumption which has same result as clogging DPF thick white smoke released which is illegal might be more issues coming to light as time goes on. Prior to removal of DPF and CAT no smoke at all it was running perfect. I can 39 t say it will help yours for sure. Bad Glow Plug Diesel Engines Only Glow plugs warm up the engine enough for the combustion of diesel fuel when a diesel engine is cold. It did this for the dealer and they said no codes came up. Unit kept stalling out or not wanting to go when you hit the accelerator. blue smoke dpf

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